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The number one reason homebuyers need an agent

We do not only open doors for showing properties, we do much more than that .

Negotiating: it’s arguably the hardest part of the buying process. It’s also the number one reason a homebuyer needs a professional real estate agent. We deliver you a market analysis report from properties around the area to compare the prices and make the best offer on your behalf .

The forms are daunting. Write down an offer, get the inspections, ask for repairs ,summit amendments, verify the appraisal ,explain title policy , home owners insurance , home warranty, the liabilities are huge. But there’s a big difference between making an offer and making the right offer with a realtor by your side

As your local agent, I’m here to handle the negotiations and work with official forms for you until you receive the keys for your new house . Let me show you how I can help. Please send me an email or give me a call.